An Utility Token Backed from REAL-life ASSETS with real-life Utility and case uses created by a community for a likeminded community

Safe as The World's Oldest Asset Class

TFI Token adpot a re-invented way of using the power of the blockchain, keeping the value of every single token backed from the ownership of real-life assets such as:
- Real Estate properties
- Financial Certificates ​
- Public companies shares
- Structured products
- Property and equipment for digital assets holding and mining

One Token, Many Utilities

1. Digital Identity

Our devices and services provide private identity verification through self developed technologies like wearables or underskin implants which allows you to prove your digital identity in the real life.

2. Awarness training

TFI Core delivers the most relevant courses, instructions, and training on Blockchain. The goal of our training courses is to prepare the average internet user for all the basic concepts on the blockchain, creating a greater awareness of the risks and dangers but also of the advantages that this reserves. In this way, we will have a healthier and safer expansion of the world of DeFi, cryptocurrencies, NFT and all the various facets of use of the blockchain.

3. Smart Contracts auditing and development

Identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 apps using the most rigorous and thorough cybersecurity techniques, thanks to our manual line-by-line analysis.

Backers & Advisors

What is a TFI-BEP20?

TFI-BEP20 CORE is a utility token born from the collaboration between world wide innovative companies such as "Emet Golem" based in Malta, "EMc2 Initiative" based in London and "V1S Ltd" based in Saint Vincent & Grenadines. It's creation was proposed and deployed by the main company "Cores s.r.l" based in Italy and it's expansion worldwide is being cured by the project management company "TFI Group FZCO" based in Dubai.

TFI-BEP20 Smart Contract


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